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CHLOE CHAPMAN  @chloexpiercer


I love to live by the sea so I get gorgeous views every day. I'm so organised sometimes that my day is planned before I even wake up! I like doing unusual piercings and piercing projects. My favourite colour is Turquoise which you will be able to tell as all my jewellery is turquoise and i'll probably try and make you buy turquoise jewellery! My favourite band is Architects and I have seen them twice and hope to see them a million times more.


ABBY POPPLEWELL  @abby_piercer


I’ve been working here since 2012, I absolutely love this job and look forward to doing it for the rest of my life. I’m a huge horror fan, I even have some of my favourite characters tattooed on me! I have a daughter called Aryana, she's the most perfect bundle of happiness I could've wished for! In my spare time I like to hangout with my partner, Brad, and Aryana going for walks and going to car shows, we also do a bit of modelling for clothing companies. My favourite piercings are Microdermals and Septums so if you’re wanting them head my way! Piercing isn’t just a job, it’s a career and a lifestyle choice, and I know I definitely made the right decision when I started.

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DANNI DAVIS @danniihell


Hey I'm Danni, I am one of the piercers and laser technicians here. I've been working at The Belly Bar since 2016. I’ve always loved to decorate my body in beautiful new piercings and tattoos. So now it’s my turn to help decorate yours!

I love love love Daiths and Dermals, so hit me up if you want one.

Give my piercing page @piercethepopulation a follow on Instagram to see examples of my work!

TYDE BOWER @tydalwaveboi


Hey! I’m Tyde, and I love anything to do with piercings and tattoos, this makes being a part of the team even more enjoyable than it already is!!

I would like to work towards being a tattoo artist. I love drawing in my spare time, as well as reading, and listening to music.

Working here has helped my confidence grow so much, as well as making me a lot more open and bubbly, I’ll always be serving with a smile on my face!


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SOPHIE MEDEIROS @sophiemedeiross


Hi i'm Sophie Medeiros, i'm an extrovert in every single way! I love smiling, laughing, making the most of every single day. I get satisfaction when I can help others and make them smile. I love to travel and explore the world! I've only recently joined the Team here and i'm loving every second of it! And looking forward to making you love it here too.


KATIE BOUCHER @katieboucher17




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Hi, I'm Katie one of the Body piercers and Laser Technicians here at The Belly Bar.

Some facts about me :

• I love animals

• I have 23 piercings currently

• A lover of all things ShabbyChic

• Renovating a Wide Beam Barge with my fiancè

•And I have 15 pets


CHANELLE PARSONS @chanelle_parsons

Hello, I’m Chanelle, I am a aspiring tattoo artist and piercer. I am currently studying Art & Design level 2 at Canterbury college. I love to draw and listen to music in my spare time.

I have been working here since 2017 and working here has made me the person I am today, I am more confident and I love being here and making everyone’s day better whenever you come to visit.