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MARLEY PAINE  @tattoobymarley


Hey everyone! It's coming up to my 5th year of tattooing; I have gained a huge amount of experience in all styles of tattooing and love doing a variety.

I specialise in watercolour, colour realism, 3D art and very fine detail work.

I extended my skills to semi permanant make up tattooing.


Pop in the shop to see what I can do for you!



After I finished math and computer science high school I started to learn the tattooing art and this is what I am doing since then. I left my country and came here for a better life, and this is how I met this lovely team. I love nature, rock music , video games and I really enjoy to play my guitar. I like working in various tattooing styles and I am ready to hear your ideas.





Hey, I'm Charlie "CC" Carter. Tattoo Artist, witch and nature enthusiast. I absolutely love animal and flower tattoos and the more colour the better, but I also love the darker and creepy stuff. My style is somewhere between realism and comic book style but I enjoy every tattoo I do no matter what it is so if you think you've got some work for me come say hi!





ROBYN AUSTIN @robynaustin94


Hey guys, I’ve been drawing since I was old enough to hold a pen, which then escalated to drawing all over people in said pen - which peaked my interest in tattooing! Now I draw on people permanently! Started from the biro now we’re here?!  My preferred style tends to move up and down the scale from traditional, to neo-traditional. I especially love any hints towards music, games, movies and pop culture references. I also hand draw script. Basically, if it’s big and bold - I’m your girl!